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Why Us?

What we do at Kaliber is rare—people don’t
believe we’re real. From our performance team to
our content team, we’re working
at making magic happen.

What we do at Kaliber is rare—people don’t believe we’re real. From our performance team to our content team, we’re working hard at making magic happen.

We're a world class team.

Our team is comprised of Ex-Googlers and performance directors that are Ex-Dentsu and Ex-Publicis as well as Data Analysts of PWC & content marketers from Traveloka.

Our team is comprised of Ex-Googlers and performance directors that are Ex-Dentsu and Ex-Publicis as well as Data Analysts of PWC & content marketers from Traveloka.


Robert Lai

CEO, Co-Founder

Robert is the founder of Kaliber. Previously a 2019 Platinum Award Winning Consultant in Google’s New York office, Robert has over $400M in digital ads experience and when he’s not working, Robert is a foodie that likes to play basketball.


William Yap

Chief Operations Officer

Will is a tad OCD when it comes to process and structure, but his passion for people and their development is equally obvious. His experience of working in-house and agency-land helped form holistic and strategic mindset. Being a father of two, he has the license to dad-joke and isn’t afraid to exploit it. 


Carey George

Head of Client Services

Carey is an accomplished digital marketer with a core focus on performance and client success. He is a sports crazed fanatic along with being a proud father of 2 boys, Sebastian and Xavier.


CaeCae Lomibao

Account Manager

Cae’s name is spelled E-N-E-R-G-Y, she’s made up of it. She is an enthusiastic media buyer motivated to learn and experience more on this field. She has vast experience on handling campaigns from programmatic, paid social, to Google Ads. She is also a ray of sunshine who can brighten up your day. And she cooks well too.


Monica Dolina

Search Director

Monica is the search director at Kaliber Asia who has extensive digital marketing experience from both in-house team and agency side. She loves travelling especially during winter despite growing up in a tropical country. Her free time is mostly spent watching KDrama. 


Lenny Novitasari

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lenny is a digital marketing specialist at Kaliber Asia. Always cheery, she can’t live without her double-shot almond latte or long black. An avid travel lover, she loves taking aesthetic photos. Quokka is her spirit animal.


Gabriela Vega

Account Manager

Gaby is a Digital Strategist/Ecommerce Specialist & Ex-Google Sydney at Kaliber Asia. In her spare time, she loves to go salsa dancing and is passionate about food—Peruvian Cuisine in particular!


Nathaniel Yacobus

Performance Specialist

Nathan is a digital marketing performance analyst at Kaliber Asia. He likes to drink long black and enjoys eating cuisine that has a lot of herbs & spices.


Nikky Bayno

Performance Specialist

Nikky is a Senior Performance Marketing Specialist at Kaliber Asia, she supports businesses to expand their products and services online. She also manages her own business called @crazyfrostingph and @murayarn.co on Instagram. She shares the adventure of life with her furry babies, Zoey, Oreo, Mocha, & Milo. 


Meira Chua

Human Resources Executive

Meira is the HR Executive of Kaliber Asia, who is also known as the Mother Of All Unicorns. She takes on a people-centric approach in all aspects of her work, and loves bringing the team together. She enjoys binging on room tour videos on YouTube and subsequently adding unnecessary home improvement items to her cart, and loves to spend her weekends with her family of 5—consisting of one tiny human and two furry children.


Reinhardt Wiraatmadja

Performance Specialist

Reinhardt is a performance analyst at Kaliber Asia, he likes to see where the market trends are going. Always passionate about investing, sports and sneakers. He is also a part-time NFT degen.

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Caroline Deram

Sales Admin

Caroline is an Office Administrator at Kaliber Asia, who is pursuing a law degree at the moment. Electronic mixtape and watching crime series are the daily doses of her energy. She’s also living the minimalist lifestyle.


Wyelin Chiu

Performance Specialist

Wyelin is a former cabin crew at Singapore Airlines. Her hobbies include landscape photography, aerial drone photography and trying out new recipes. On her days off, you’ll either find her enjoying a good comedy show or relaxing by the beach.


Nicole Tumambing

Finance Admin

Hi, I’m Nicole, finance admin at Kaliber Asia. In my spare time, I like to plan vacation trips. When I’m not working or planning our next adventure, I tend to binge-watch while pinning my way through dozens of recipes, essential oil concoctions, organizational hacks, DIY projects, home decorations, and lately – baby hacks!


Simone Wong

Performance Specialist 

Simone is a performance specialist for Kaliber. Being a thinker, she likes coming up with strategies to improve and optimize performance. She especially loves pancakes and waffles with maple syrup + butter. Buy her that and you can be on her good books. 


J.J Tham

Performance Strategist

JJ is a performance marketing specialist whose passion lies in video content creation and marketing analytics. On the side, he creates fun videos on YouTube and runs a video podcast on LinkedIn, interviewing a variety of guests ranging from career development to politics.


Mark Pun

Performance Strategist

Mark is a Performance Strategist at Kaliber Asia, who’s all about data and driving value through Media Planning.
With a great love of food and a good deal, Mark is always on the hunt for that next street food store to try.

Daud Yusuf

Performance Specialist

Daud is a junior performance analyst at Kaliber Asia often tasked with creating fun and exciting games for the team! He is currently in university and is proud to hold the title of “Lenny’s favorite intern”. He is also a firm believer that durians are a top 3 fruit on the fruits scale.


Cha Lino

Performance Specialist

Cha is a Filipino performance marketing specialist at Kaliber Asia, who loves finding solutions and fresh ways for clients to reach their audience. She is a tea-enthusiast, a frustrated write and musician, an anime binge-watcher, and a retired concert/gigs-goer.She is also a proud single parent of two dogs, Maggie and Yuna.


Clarisse Paronda

Performance Specialist

Clarisse is a Performance Marketing Specialist in Kaliber Asia. Digital Advertising has been her line of work for 3 years and counting. She has a cute fluffy black cat named Charcoal- who likes ignoring her. And in her free time, she likes listening to K-pop music and watching anime or comedy series.


Gelo Arboleda

Performance Specialist

Gelo is a former mangrove researcher turned Performance Marketing Specialist who aspires to enable an environment of mutual learning in all his projects and involvements. In his spare time, he likes to build and customize mecha plastic models and read the Tarot for friends and strangers.


Regina Ongkiko

Content Strategist

Regina is a content strategist at Kaliber Asia, and she aims to create content that provides value. She loves traveling and eating food from all over the world. Cheese is her favorite thing in the world, and she is a slave and social media manager for two dogs, Snoopy & Mushu.


John Tham

Account Manager

John having spent his entire career in mainline advertising and digital marketing, is firmly passionate about pursuing fresh ideas and their power to drive connection. It is with this perspective that he relishes in and continues to see tremendous value.
A serious foodie and Star Wars fanboy at heart, he also enjoys the occasional dive as a recreational wreck diver.


Cathrine Anggadewi

Content Copywriter

Cath is a content copywriter at Kaliber Asia. She is passionate about creating valuable yet digestible content through humor. Her books are easily her most prized possession. She hopes her mini library could be an actual library someday. She is an amateur cook, barista, and singer outside of work.


Raby Syafiqi

Graphic Designer

Raby is a graphic designer at Kaliber Asia who specializes in multimedia design. Also a multitasking specialist, he likes to work while consuming music and video to help his ideas flow. He aims to puts rainbows outside the closet to light up people’s day. 🌈


Ashley Chan

Graphic Designer

Ashley is a graphic designer and illustrator at Kaliber Asia, who loves to listen to all kinds of music. She loves to illustrate in her free time, or watch films, as well as to play dress up and go out with her friends. 

Ex-Google expertise

Our Passion

Despite being a new company, our team invests heavily
into giving back to aspiring business owners and digital marketers. We’ve been fortunate to have gained a wealth of experience in performance marketing. Our social impact is predicated on our mission of setting a standard of Performance Marketing within the region. 

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