Code of Conduct

Policy Brief and Purpose

The company code of conduct outlines Kaliber’s expectations of all our employees. The policy sets to promote a collaborative environment where all employees can treat one another with respect and dignity, avoiding any offensive behaviours or serious disputes.



This Code of Conduct applies to all job titles and seniority levels of our employees. Disciplinary actions

Any suspected cases of Code of Conduct breach will be referred for an internal investigation by the
management, in line with our fair and balanced approach outlined in this policy. For any instances where
a breach was proven after a subsequent investigation, consequences may include:

1. Official reprimand notice.

2. Suspension from work

3. Reduction of benefits.

4. Termination of employment.

5. Referred to law enforcement
in cases where a Code of Conduct breach
goes against applicable laws and regulations


Elements of the Kaliber Code of Conduct
  1. Conduct business with the highest standard of integrity in compliance with local laws and regulations.


  1. Compliance with law: Employees are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes the relevant data protection laws and regulations in territories that Kaliber operates.
  2. Gifts and entertainment: Employees are required to declare any gifts or entertainment valued above SGD 100. Any gifts exceeding that value will be reviewed by management. 
  3. Anti-money laundering policy: Kaliber stands firm against money laundering, insider trading, and frauds. Such cases will be referred to the local law enforcement for further proceedings. 
  4. Policy against bribery: Kaliber exercises a strict policy against bribery, extortion, and embezzlement practices. Such cases will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action or prosecution by local law enforcement agencies.



  • Engage in a work practice that is based on fair and mutually agreed terms of employment.


  • Treat all members of the company with respect, dignity, and equality regardless of seniority or job title. 



  1. The company will not tolerate practices of bullying, intimidation, or discrimination amongst employees. 
  2. Kaliber respects diversity at the highest level. Employees are advised against making any derogatory comments, especially those related to ethnicity, religion, and mental/physical disabilities.


  • Conduct work in a manner that is voluntary and in accordance with local labour laws and regulations. 


    • All hiring procedures should be in accordance with the minimum employment age requirements. Employees should at least be at 18 years of age. 
    • Provide fair compensation under the minimum wage laws applicable in the territory the company operates. 
    • All employees should receive equal access to leave entitlements outlined in the local labour laws where the company operates.


  • Respecting workers’ rights to create or join a worker’s union or collective bargaining. 


    • The company will not discriminate or intimidate employees who elected to join such associations. 
    • No employees should also face discrimination or intimidation should they refrain from joining such associations.


  • Maintain the highest standards of health and safety across all our operations.


  • Protect company and client information.
    • No attempt should be made to divulge sensitive information related to Kaliber to any external parties, including competitors of the company.
    • Client related information should also not be divulged to any external parties under any circumstances unless the respective client had provided permission to do so.


  • Promote equal access to fair procedures and remedies. All workers are entitled to transparent, honest, and confidential processes that result in a fair resolution of difficulties, should any such disputes arise in an employee’s working relationship.


  • Protect and respect the rights of indigenous people and land as determined by local laws and legislations.


  • Support environmental sustainability and reduce environmental impact in all elements that we do. 

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