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Helping Zenyum Spread More Smiles

We’re happy to share our client successes and our effort in 
helping them grow and transform.

Our Results

Since Kaliber took over the entire paid Google ads strategy, Zenyum experienced a striking
86% MoM increase in leads while also dropping their MoM CPA by 24% MoM.

As a result, they decided to invest more and scale their ad spend from $7k to more than $11k a month.

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Drop MoM
decrease in CPA

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Increase MoM in traffic from paid search

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MoM increase in
leads generated



Zenyum is a dental cosmetics startup founded in Singapore in 2018. Their mission is to provide the highest quality 3D-printed invisible braces. 

Since they started, Zenyum has grown into a multi-million dollar company, receiving a total funding of $56 million—including $13.6 million Series A funding in November 2019 and $40 million Series B funding in June 2021. 

With their list of investors including RTP Global, Sequoia Capital India, TNB Aura, SEEDS Capital, L Catterton, Partech, and FEBE Ventures, Zenyum now operates across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan with 300 million customers in their core markets. 

The Problem

  1. Hiring an entire in-house team within a short period of time
  2. Expanding market share in emerging regions


How did we help?

Adopting Single Purpose Campaigns

Based on our learnings about Zenyum’s audience and competitors, our team focused on these action items as part of our strategy.

  1. Categorize ad groups based on types of intent and conduct tests per intent 
  2. Utilize custom landing pages to improve overall customer experience


Single Purpose Campaigns

We achieved this through our unique Single Purpose Campaigns framework in which we were able to control budgets and goals of each unique target segment.

We categorized our keywords and target audience by intent.

One underrated aspect of our SPC strategy was to provide business level data on Search volumes and interests across Indonesia to host roadshows and events.

“Overall we were able to scale up our investments, for instance, within Google in a very short timeframe by over 160%, 260% and on some of the sub channels within that and all of the above within just two months.”

Julian Artopé


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