How We Used TikTok to Scale Zenyum’s Generated Leads in 5 Countries

We’re happy to share our client successes and our effort in 
helping them grow and transform.

We’re happy to share our client successes and our effort in 
helping them grow and transform.



Zenyum is a dental cosmetics startup founded in Singapore in 2018. Their mission is to provide the highest quality 3D-printed invisible braces. Since they started, Zenyum has grown into a multi-million dollar company. They have received total funding of $56 million—including $13.6 million Series A funding in November 2019 and $40 million Series B funding in June 2021. 

With their list of investors including RTP Global, Sequoia Capital India, TNB Aura, SEEDS Capital, L Catterton, Partech, and FEBE Ventures, Zenyum now operates across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan with 300 million customers in their core markets.

The Kaliber team helped Zenyum explore TikTok ads as another potential source of leads.

Why TikTok?

TikTok has significantly higher engagement levels, leading in terms of the average time spent per day (38 minutes), compared to the other platforms. 

With 2 million users and 9.7 million monthly video views, TikTok is now being seen as a full-funnel ad solution. 

With its robust range of targeting options to meet different goals and the way it drives awareness and engagement, TikTok is simply one of the best options for modern marketing.

The Challenge

Gaining another potential source of leads in 5 different markets.


How did we help?

Zenyum’s success on TikTok can be attributed to continuous optimization and testing of creatives. 

After various tests in different markets, these were the major learnings on how to create successful TikTok creatives:

  1. User experience above everything else
  2. Different markets require different strategies
  3. Ads that don’t look like ads work best
  4. Test like there’s no tomorrow

Our Results

TikTok has amassed great results for Zenyum in the 5 different target countries. The most notable one being the Thailand and Singapore campaign. In its first month, TikTok already recorded the second highest opportunities across all channels. It also drove the largest increase in opportunities in a month for the Singapore market, leading to an increase in investment and reduced CPO by -2.5%.

Singapore 🇸🇬



in 2 months

Taiwan 🇹🇼



on first month
($51 CPO)

Vietnam 🇻🇳



Thailand 🇹🇭



on first month
($31 CPO)

Japan 🇯🇵



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