2 Data Automation Tools We Use To Increase 8×8’s Conversion by 47%

How much time do you usually spend collecting and consolidating data into a report? We’d bet it takes you hours. And no wonder, as you have to manually pull different types of data from many sources. Don’t forget the fun that follows after: consolidating the data into something your clients can understand.

Reporting requires a lot of valuable time—time that our specialists could actually spend on strategizing and optimizing instead. Here’s where data automation tools come in—they are definitely worth the try. They are time-efficient and help free up time and headspace. As a result, performance specialists can channel their time and energy into strategizing.

A 47% increase in conversion: The power of paid search strategies backed with data automation tools

8×8 provides integrated business communications solutions through their global cloud platform to businesses in SEA, UK and ANZ. Their target market includes businesses in the following verticals: logistics, eCommerce, retail, transportation, on-demand applications, ride-hailing apps, fintech, banking, healthcare, education, and events.

Last January 26, 2022, 8×8 raised $121,874,464 on Post-IPO Equity. 8×8 was also named a Leader for the 10th time in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS, Worldwide.

8×8 wants to reach more potential customers, especially now that the global workforce chooses to stay in a hybrid work lifestyle. But with SaaS’ naturally longer customer journey and the complexity of their target verticals, they needed an efficient strategy and tools to achieve just that.

Thus, began 8×8’s partnership with Kaliber Asia. With the strategic combination of single-purpose campaigns and data automation tools, we were able to help them achieve a 47% increase in conversion and more.

The tools we used: Adverity and Automated Data Studio

Manual data collection and consolidating data into a comprehensive report takes a lot of time. With Adverity, data from different sources are automatically collected and linked to BigQuery for access. From here, the Automated Data Studio will access and analyze the data. The result of the insightful analysis will then be transformed into detailed visualizations.

The automation, transparency, and unification of data in one dashboard helps in making reporting easier and faster. The Kaliber team saved 1 hour/ day for the budget pacing report and 4 hours/ week on the weekly report. Learn our strategy and how we use these tools to scale 8×8’s conversion by 47%.

Conclusion: It’s time to use data automation tools for efficient report making

Automated data collection and visualization helped The Kaliber Team save much time on monitoring and reporting. With the saved time, we strategized and optimized how to reach 8×8’s goal better. The ads reached all its supposed business verticals without wasting ad spend. The result?

  • A 47% increase in conversion
  • Total of 3,972 form submissions or conversions in 4 months
  • Brand campaigns reached impression share ranging from 60-70% amidst a brand transition

Do you want to try out these time-saving tools for your business but are unsure how to? Contact us here and let’s see how we can apply these tools to your business for improved results.

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