5 Tips on How to Run Successful CNY Marketing Campaigns

Here are 5 important tips on how you can leverage the holiday for your business.

Chinese New Year is a time for celebration, and now is a great time to get your marketing campaign ready!

In this blog post, we will be discussing how to run successful Chinese new year marketing campaigns. Here are 5 important tips on how you can leverage the Chinese new year as an opportunity to generate more revenue from your business.

Tip #01: Leverage Chinese New Year as an opportunity to widen your net

Chinese New Year is a great time to reach out to new customers! Many people around the world will be celebrating. So you can use paid advertising to target these potential new customers. One thing to note—as you move to increase your customers, make sure you invest in first-party data gathering strategies. Google is planning to be cookie-less in 2023, and you should start doing this to prevent a big disruption to your business.

Tip #02: Create Chinese New Year themed content to engage existing customers

This year is the Year of the Tiger. To fully leverage your marketing campaigns and your brand during CNY, try to include some tigers in your visual elements. Depending on your product or service, CNY-themed content can increase engagement with your existing customers. For example, if you are a restaurant looking to increase sales during the holiday season, why not add Chinese New Year-themed meals or a special menu?

Tip #03: Reflect Chinese New Year traditionson your digital marketing campaigns

Understanding how the Chinese new year is celebrated in different countries can be useful in your digital marketing campaigns due to additional context. For example, in China, the New Year is celebrated by cleaning out the house and preparing for good luck.  That’s why you see home cleanliness products being marketed more around this holiday. Another tradition is getting haircuts and buying new clothes. cutting most of these traditions happen before the CNY itself, so it is important to start your marketing campaigns at least 1-2 weeks before the d-date.

Tip #04: Take the opportunity to increase brand awareness

Chinese new year is often associated with money and prosperity.  There are many traditional activities that you can use as part of your marketing campaign, such as giving out red envelopes with money inside, holding special offers or discounts, or releasing Chinese new year themed products. That’s what makes Chinese New Year is a great time to increase brand awareness for your business.

Tip #05: Plan your seasonal marketing campaigns in advance

Like any other marketing campaign, planning is key to success. As mentioned earlier, people start shopping prior to the Chinese new year. It will be best if you, start planning your Chinese new year campaigns at least 2-3 weeks in advance to give yourself enough time to execute properly. You might want to start your marketing campaigns before people even start thinking about shopping for CNY, so you can be on top of your customers’ minds.

We hope these tips will help you run a successful Chinese new year marketing campaign! If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us at kaliber.asia and we would be happy to help. Wishing you all a very happy Chinese new year!

You might also want to download this Marketing Calendar 2022, so you can plan the rest of your marketing campaigns in advance.

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