How TikTok Helped Zenyum Generate Leads in 5 Different Countries

Learn the 4 TikTok creative strategies we used to generate Zenyum's leads in 5 countries.

TikTok has taken the digital marketing world by storm with its success. Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok is leading in terms of the average time spent per day (38 minutes) and has significantly higher engagement levels. Combined with its 1 billion users and 9.7 million monthly video views, it’s no wonder TikTok is now being seen as one of the best full-funnel ad solutions.

The Story of Zenyum

Zenyum is a dental cosmetics startup founded in Singapore in 2018. Their mission is to provide the highest quality 3D-printed invisible braces. Since they started, Zenyum has grown into a multi-million dollar company. They have received total funding of $56 million—including $13.6 million Series A funding in November 2019 and $40 million Series B funding in June 2021.

With their list of investors including RTP Global, Sequoia Capital India, TNB Aura, SEEDS Capital, L Catterton, Partech, and FEBE Ventures, Zenyum now operates across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan with 300 million customers in their core markets.

The Kaliber team helped Zenyum explore TikTok ads as another potential source of leads. Read here to know more about the results.

The 4 TikTok creative strategies we used to generate more leads

Zenyum’s success on TikTok can be attributed to continuous optimization and testing of creatives. Here’s what we’ve determined a successful TikTok creative looks like:

User experience above everything else

Nobody likes seeing videos that are hard to see. So, make sure you position your ad copy properly so it doesn’t overlap with TikTok’s fixed icons. Reduce the text copy of your ads so that it doesn’t cover any copy you might have on the video.

Aside from that, use popular songs or trending sounds that fit your target audience to ensure that your content is timely and relevant.

Different markets require different strategies

This goes without saying as even customers in the same market can have different preferences. What works in one country might not work in another country. What does this mean? Marketers need to carefully tailor the content strategy according to different preferences. Some examples include the length of the videos, the type of content creators used, the tone of the ads, and more.

Ads that don’t look like ads work best

To advertise successfully on TikTok, the more organic the ads look, the better. This is because TikTok realizes that their users come onto the platform to spend their time being entertained, not to buy something. That’s why organic-like content that soft sells with no product-centric messaging will work and while hard sell content is less likely to.

Test like there’s no tomorrow

Just because a certain type of creative is working, doesn’t mean marketers can just leave it at that. Testing new variables–different video length, angle, approach and KOLs—is essential to ensure there is no ad fatigue on the users end. This can be done via A/B testing creative or creating a new campaign ad.

Wrap up: Great overall user experience is the key to generating leads

To sum up, these creative strategies combined make up for a great overall user experience. The soft-sell ads do not disrupt users’ scrolling experience, and in turn, the users do not feel like they are being sold something. Testing is also essential, because it’s the only way to make sure that marketers keep on delivering converting creatives that the users love.

Want to get ahead of your Tiktok ads journey? Contact us here and let us help you craft converting TikTok creatives and in turn scale your generated leads to new heights.

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