Case Study: Selly

Selly.id, a free keyboard app that provides users with the ability to generate invoices...

Selly.id, a free keyboard app available on iOS and Android provide their users with the ability to generate invoices, calculate shipping costs and sell directly from their mobile keyboard in popular apps such as Whatsapp and Instagram.

There were a few issues with being a Free App, the company wasn’t generating revenue and they also had trouble acquiring users that would perform valuable actions. After months of approaching various agencies, Selly.id was referred to Kaliber through our client Jurnal.

“When we’re looking for a digital marketing partner, we have talked with several digital marketing companies. Robert & Kaliber is the most knowledgeable and intelligent marketing partner that we met.” – Dharma Utomo

The team at Kaliber with their vast experience in Universal App Campaigns worked with the founders on tracking events and setting goals. Leveraging Firebase Analytics, we tracked every event possible, from “First_Open” to “Calculate_Shipping” to “Generate_Invoice” and over the course of the working relationship, we assigned values to each event.

For Kaliber to implement it’s marketing philosophies and methodology, we need to work with clients to understand every ounce of detail post-download. By understanding this, we’re able to guide Google’s powerful UAC product to personalize and optimize towards users that are going to complete the valuable actions we’ve tracked.

Being a startup with a limited budget, Kaliber structured the account to reflect the company’s business objectives and applied our Single Purpose Campaign (SPC) methodology to target a very specific subset of users.

By optimizing deeper than just a user download, we were able to focus our marketing spend on users that drove more value.

  • Selly increased their number of active users from 1,500 to 5,000 within 5 months
  • Increased revenue by 612%
  • The repeat rate of their most valued action, “Generate Invoice” increased from 2.45 to 9.10 per user. Resulting in a 24x return-on-investment

“With Kaliber, we managed to achieve acquisition cost as low as Rp 700 and conversion rate to active users as high as 15%. Kaliber handled all types of digital marketing advertising for us, including Google & Facebook. Robert provided strategic insight and advice for us, not just for marketing, but also for product and business.” – Product Manager at Gojek (Selly.id)

Today, Selly.id is a popular app amongst sellers and an entity under GoPay after being acquired by Midtrans.

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