4 Simple Ways to Improve Shopping Ads Through SEO

If you run Shopping Ads and understand the important role that SEO plays with this...

If you run Shopping Ads and understand the important role that SEO plays with this type of campaign, here are 4 basic ways to optimize your Shopping Ads and SEO at the same time.

Product Feeds that are uploaded through a CRM System or Content API, use the Product Title and description from the website (SEO). Google crawlers search through the website not just for the keyword match but also the relevancy of the website for that particular keyword.

There are four main places that you can add keywords to improve the SEO for your online store:

      • Page titles
      • Meta descriptions 
      • Alt text
      • Keywords

All of the above is very important for delivering Shopping Ads.

Page title

Search engines compare the title tag with your page content (or product page) to determine whether the page title matches what the page is about. You can optimize the title tag for search engines in a few ways:

      • Use a unique, descriptive title.
      • Include your most important target keywords for each product, collection, webpage, or blog post near the beginning of the title.
      • Enter a title that is 70 characters or fewer, because most search engines will shorten longer titles.
      • Make sure that your title tag is readable.

Meta description

A meta description is the brief bit of text that is shown in search engine results after the title tag. The meta description can be set for web pages webpages, product pages, collection pages, and blog posts. Make sure each page has a unique meta description that uses plain, direct language. A good description encourages more people to click the link to your store. 

For Example Mattress Category 

Sleeping tight and having a good night can only be possible if you have a good mattress to accommodate you, so we’ve got the best ones to accommodate you. Promising the utmost comfort, durability, and careful manufacturing, any one of these mattresses will make sure that you have the sweetest dreams when you lay on them!

We should be able to incorporate memory foam in this section as this search term has the highest volume of searches a month, this will improve not just the Shopping Ads chances for people searching memory foam mattresses but also organically.

Set Image Alt-Text

Search engines can read the text in your content, but can’t read the images. You can use descriptive alternative (alt) text to help search engines find your content. Alt-text is also an important accessibility feature for people who have visual impairments.

When you’re writing alt text, use keywords from the page where the image is shown. Use readable phrases that describe what appears in the image, not what you want someone to think about the image. You can set alt text for a product image, collection featured image, or blog post featured image. The process is a little bit different for a product image than the other two.

For example, the alt text for the first mattress that appears in the picture is a number, instead, it should be deep-dream-premium-cool-gel-memory-foam-pocket-spring-mattress. 

Using keywords in the page content

When you write content for a product or collection description, webpage, or blog post, use readable, unique phrases that include some of your keywords. Search engines compare a page’s content with its headers to make sure that the page is about what it claims to be about. When you write product descriptions, make sure that you don’t copy text that’s provided to you by a manufacturer because that description might already be used by other websites.

Focus on quality writing over quantity, but know that search engines use longer content to help understand your page better. Make sure that every page has at least 250 words of descriptive text, and that informational pages and blog posts have at least 500 words.

Same as the Meta Description example, every content to add is an opportunity to feature your products with the right keywords, a good way to do this is to conduct a search for high volume keywords in your Google Ads account > Tools > Keyword planner. Where you can find ideas and new keywords to add (if necessary) to your body of content, 

Example: The Mattress Client has a blog related to a good night sleep with the right mattress. They should have the keyword “memory foam” and mention the different sizes that the mattress comes such as a single mattress, queen mattress, etc. This way he is adding not just relevant information in a blog but also helping his quality score and relevancy with keywords such as mattress, single, memory foam.

Hope this article can help you improve your shopping ads and increase your sales. Don’t forget to get your FREE Google Ads audit with us by clicking the link here.

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