5 Hacks in 5-Minutes to Significantly Improve Your Google Ads Results

We're going to share 5 hacks to help you improve your Google Ads results.

Everyone wants more results for less cost. We at Kaliber, a performance marketing consultancy, know a thing or two about Google Ads. So in this blog post, we’re going to share our 5 hacks to help you significantly improve your Google Ads results, and you don’t need to be an expert to implement them.

#1 Negative Keywords

You probably want to click away but you’d be shocked at how many times we’ve seen people do negative keywords wrong. When you add a negative keyword, Google defaults to adding as the “Exact” match type which only prevents that specific variation of the Search Term and does not block the culprit.

Eg. Unicorns are not real > Add negative keyword > [Unicorns are not real]

Make sure you add the “Root” negative to a list that you can apply across all your campaigns

Eg. Unicorns are not real > Add negative keyword > “not” to Generic Negative List

#2 Observation Audiences

For every click that you pay for, there is a lot more data that you’re likely not collecting because you haven’t set up “Observation” audiences. It’s a shame because it’s FREE! There are two modes of Audience targeting in Google Ads:

    • Targeted – which means it will ONLY reach the specified audience
    • Observation – which means it is NOT targeting that audience but you can observe and collect data on it

The data collected from “Observation Mode” can be used to make bid adjustments, to provide insights into the types of audiences that convert which can provide you inspiration for potential Prospecting audiences. Don’t just add the audiences that you THINK match your business, add all the audiences Google has to offer.

#3 Site Speed

You already know about this one but you may not know exactly how much it’s costing you from a Google Ads perspective by neglecting it. Mobile site speed has a direct impact on your overall CPC. Meaning that Google is punishing you for delivering a poor landing page experience so you are paying more than your competitors are for the same user/click.

    • If you have a landing page speed score less than 3/10. You are likely paying 20% more CPC than you should be.
    • If you are investing $1,000 per month. You are paying $200 per month extra.
    • If you are investing in Google Ads for the next 5 years. You are paying $12,000 extra.

The cost of fixing your site speed would be less than $1,000.

#4 Ad Schedule

Just like our tip on Negative Keywords, it’s not what you think… A lot of advertisers are using an Ad Schedule, they’re just not maximizing the opportunity of it.

Google Ads allows you to have Ad Schedules in a maximum of 4-hour blocks within a 24-hour period. Meaning that you can set up your Ad Schedule from 12AM-4AM, 4AM-8AM, etc. instead of generically applying “All Day – Monday”.

Why is this important? As you collect more data, you can make bid adjustments, you can cut out certain time slots that are unprofitable for the business and have Campaign level insights on your Ad Schedule.

#5 Free Audit on Your Google Ads

I know, I know… we hate it when they trick you with 4 nuggets then get you into a sales pitch. But seriously… It will take you 5 minutes to fill out the contact form of 3-4 agencies, requesting for a free audit of your account with no obligations. If our competitors don’t offer a free audit, our Unicorns will happily do a thorough one for you. You can take it back to your in-house team at no cost, under NDA and with no feelings attached. For your free audit with Kaliber, you can click the link here.

If you found this useful, you can visit blog.kaliber.asia for more free nuggets of knowledge.

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