5 Ways to Write Killer Search Ads Copy

Advertisers are competing against each other to stand out in every Google search.

Learning how to write killer search ads copy is crucial these days. It goes without saying that Google Search Ads are dominating the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising scene. Google is responsible for 67% of smartphone search traffic and 94% of organic traffic. Especially when pandemic-related movement restrictions are commonplace across the globe, brands are rearranging their marketing strategies to adopt a more digital approach—with Google Search Ads being in the center.

Therefore, advertisers are competing against each other to stand out in every Google search. One of the ways they can drive competitive advantage is through a good ad copy that is both relevant to the keyword and intriguing enough for users to click on. So, if you are wondering what the key elements of writing killer search ads copy are, the following steps may be essential.

Understand Your Audience

Just like creating other marketing materials, investing your time to learn about the audience of your ads will go a long way in search ads. Understanding your audience’s state of mind and the solutions they are looking for will help you determine whether your copy can connect with the audience once they see your ad along with all of the other search results.

Personalise Your Search Ads Copy

If you are sitting on a list of information, such as your audience demographic and location, be sure to implement that information as part of your ad copy. The audience discovering your advertisement may not be precise as described in the demographics. However, suppose your ad copy managed to display just one correct detail relevant to the audience, such as the right location for your ads. In that case, it increases your advertisement’s chance of being clicked compared to other search results with a copy that shares nothing in common with the audience.

✅ | Cheap Houses in Jakarta | Perfect For Millenials

❌ | Cheap Houses | Everyone Liked It

Be Detailed, Include Numbers

As you gain an understanding of your audience, let’s not forget that you will have to equally understand the product or services you are advertising well. This way, you can pitch the right solutions to the issues your audience is looking for. Search ads copy is generally concise so being detailed and straightforward is the key to promote your product. Even better, if there are statistics or discount percentages involved, be sure to include them in your ad copy. Just make sure that when you include specific numbers, those numbers are not outdated at the time you write them.

✅ | Sale 50% Off Shoes | Ends 21 Sep 2021

❌ | Very Cheap Shoes | Big Sale Inside

Appeal Into The Audience’s Emotion

Even though adding statistics and factual details help your audience decide whether to engage with your advertisement, let’s remember that human beings come with both rational and emotional sides. Hence, there is nothing wrong to pick vocabularies that can trigger emotions that you might have identified to be the audience’s state of mind when searching for your product, particularly in the headlines of your advertisement. If your headline triggers the right emotion from your audience, you get their attention. It’s just the factual details and statistics you’ve displayed that will do the work to help them decide on clicking your advertisement.

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Don’t Miss the Keywords

Search ads are triggered by the terms entered by your audience in the search engine. Hence, it is important to include at least one keyword into your search ads copy. This makes sure your ads stay relevant and it also makes it easier for your audience to discover your brand when they search for a particular product.

Keyword: Cupcake
✅ | Jakarta’s #1 Cupcake | Sweetsample.id

❌ | Favorite Dessert Store | Sweetsample Jakarta

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the main goal of all the suggested ways above is to ensure that your ad copy resonates with the audience’s state of mind and needs when they are searching for your product. That is a guaranteed way to increase your chances to drive attention and clicks into your advertisement, compared to all other results in any search engine. Check out our blog for more insights on marketing and contact us if you want to discuss more. 


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