6 Things You Should Be Asking Your Google Ads Rep

Here are a couple of good-to-know reports that you can request from your Google rep.

Our team has a few ex-Googlers that were consultants to agencies and advertisers. People often have mixed opinions on Google’s support for its customers and you might have heard a few of these phrases before:

    • “You should use Target CPA!”
    • “Have you heard of YouTube For Action?”
    • “Keep the recommendations tab updated”

We get it. It’s repetitive and doesn’t really add much value to what you’re trying to achieve. Our team is sharing a few insider tips on how you can extract more value out of your relationship with Google.

Note that it’s important to make sure that you support the needs of your Google rep in a fair exchange as the following reports that are a little time-consuming and you definitely want your Google rep to be responsive in times of emergencies. We do not want you to ruin your relationships, we just want you to get more out of them.

Here are a couple of good-to-know reports that you can request from your Google rep. Types of reports you need to know:

Competitive Benchmark Report

You must provide your Google rep with your 5 closest competitors for them to be compliant to share with you how your account compares to the average of those 5 competitors.

You will find insights on:

    • Spend vs competition
    • Clicks vs competition
    • Impressions vs competition

Quarterly Business Review

Shows progress amongst Google’s properties for your account against benchmarks.

You will find insights on:

    • Diversity of investments throughout Google’s properties
    • Areas of improvement vs benchmarks
    • Highlight areas of focus moving into the next quarter

Housekeeper Report

This is a very in-depth Google Sheet that outlines everything you’re missing in your account so you can fix it up. An automated audit of your account.

As a sample, you will find insights on:

    • Which specific campaigns are missing site link extensions?
    • Which specific ad groups require 2 expanded text ads?

Mobile Speed

Your Google Rep can pull a custom Mobile Speed sales presentation that shows speed, how much revenue lost and how to repair the issue.

You will receive:

    • The opportunity cost of your mobile site speed
    • A 30+ slide deck to present to your developers or client
    • How your site speed compares to your competitors

Industry Trends Report

Available at the beginning of every quarter to provide insights on click traffic, CPC’s and other trends amongst all the competitors within your brand’s industry

You will understand:

    • A holistic view of your industry from a search perspective
    • Growth in the industry quarter-on-quarter and year-over-year
    • Identify trends, spikes, competitive pressure and anomalies

Case Studies

Google has a lot of case studies and material for anything you want more information on. This one is tricky because you need to know what you want but always feel free to ask your rep if they can pull it for you.

You will receive:

    • Presentation to show senior execs
    • Stats and examples to include in your proposals or budget requests
    • Best practices or ideas in using Google’s ad products

Other Things to Know to Ask Your Google Rep:

If your conversion tracking failed and you don’t want the smart bidding algorithm to learn from the period in which it broke down. Notify your Google rep immediately and request them to apply a “Blackout Period” on the dates. You will need to provide your rep with the permission to do apply the blackout.

If you’re stuck with conversion tracking or would like it set up correctly. You can request the “Tag Team” to help you diagnose or set up tags on your site or client site. This doesn’t consume your Google reps time so they’d happily help you on this one.

If you want to advertise in a new market(s) that operates in a different language, you can request your rep to get your campaigns duplicated into another language. The language service is triple verified for quality assurance so it’s not only a direct translation but also matches the correct grammar of the local language.

Hope this article helps! But do you know that we can help you even further? Yes, we can! You can go to this link for a free audit on your Google Ads.

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