High Performance Remarketing With Linktree

What is remarketing, and why is it important?

Remarketing is a powerful tool. It’s a way for you to re-connect with people who have previously interacted with your business and remind them of your business and offering. This is important because in most cases, a person doesn’t decide to buy your product immediately. There are multiple points where they’re exposed to your brand and interact with your business before they finally decide to purchase. So by remarketing, you’re making your brand more familiar, to make your brand be considered, and to make them convert into a customer. It’s also more efficient for you to remarket to someone already interested in your brand/product to buy your product/solution than to an entirely new user.

Once you’re aware of remarketing, you’ll start to see it everywhere being employed by various businesses. Have you visited a website and then got an advertisement for the company? Have you added items to the shopping cart, left the site, and see the same product promoted to you as you browse the internet? Received an email from a site you previously purchased from? 

That’s remarketing.

The cool thing about remarketing is how it can connect data from different platforms to know who to target and customize the message. After all, they’ve shown initial interest. If you can utilize what they might be looking for from your business and address it, the ad will be more relevant for the user and the likelier for them to convert.

So that sounds great! Where do you begin remarketing? You start with tracking when your client interacts with you: Visits Social Media, Visits Website, Download Application, User Subscribes, etc. As there are various ways to track, we will focus more on remarketing and tracking on social media in this article. Why social media? Because Social Media, in general, is a great platform to expose your brand to reach your audience and engage with users, especially for SMEs.

On social media, the most popular platforms recently are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok. After a user finds you through social media and consumes your content, you’d like to redirect them to take further action by providing links. However, just listing links isn’t particularly presentable, and some platforms only allow you to put a single link (I’m looking at you, Instagram).

Streamline Your Remarketing Traffic with Linktree

So one way to circumvent that is to use Linktree, a tool that lets you create a simple landing page where you can provide buttons that you can link to a particular page on your website, blog, contact you, etc. Doing this allows you to track what the user engaged with the Linktree link is looking for, so you’ll be able to customize & personalize your remarketing efforts. Furthermore, with Linktree PRO, you’ll be able to get the following features for your remarketing:

#1 Integration with Facebook Pixel

Tracking on Facebook and Instagram uses Pixel, which is a code that you place on your website. Once you install the code, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Measure cross-device conversions: How your customers use different devices on their journey to convert.
  • Focus ad delivery to users more likely to convert: Using ad format, image, message, call to action that is focused on people who just need that last push before converting (e.g. purchase or filling in a form)
  • Build audiences for website visitors to retarget: Create Custom Audiences for people who take specific actions on your website (e.g. they visited a page on a particular product, they added items to cart but then abandon it, or audience that made payment)
  • Create Lookalike Audiences: To find more users who behave in a similar way (to find more customers).

With Linktree PRO, you just need to create your Facebook Pixel and then copy and paste your Pixel ID into your Linktree settings. It’s simple, quick, and easy. Take a look at the steps here. All that’s left for you to do is to create a custom audience (from “Website Traffic”), and you’ll have your remarketing audience ready to be used.

#2 Use of UTM Parameters

UTMs are simply codes that are added to an URL to generate Google Analytics data for digital campaigns. It tells Google Analytics where the user that visits your website access it from (instead of attributing it to direct access). So if your link is www.business.com, with UTM, it would look something like this.  

See how it makes it a lot longer? But you’ll be able to hide them in neat buttons with Linktree.

You’ll be able to observe if there’s an increase in interest in a particular product coming from a specific platform and focus your remarketing effort there. Or perhaps that a certain channel is better for converting, and if there are changes in demand/query for different options you’ve listed on Linktree. These are a few examples of insights you’ll be able to glean by using UTM on your Linktree and navigating through the Google Analytics dashboard.

#3 Zapier Integration

Zapier is a tool that can be connected to apps and services to create automation. Zapier integration allows you to connect Linktree to build automated funnels, making your marketing process more streamlined. Fewer admin tasks for you, so you can focus more on developing your business.

For example, you could automate:

  • Adding a subscriber to your growing email list.
  • Send a personal message to new leads via Gmail.
  • Update your Google Sheets.
  • Send updates to your Slack.

You could send newsletters to your email subscribers as remarketing, following back on leads easier with automation, and automated data collection/notification.

So that’s how you can do remarketing on social media with the help of Linktree PRO. If you like this article, we have more that may interest you. Explore more of our Kaliber Blog here

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