How to Do Remarketing From Your Instagram Influencers’ Audience

Influencer marketing on Instagram can drive awareness for your brand.

Whether you are an e-commerce brand or a service provider, there’s a high chance that you are thinking of boosting your presence on social media and Influencers have been on your pipeline.

Influencers are a great way to promote your brand because they have a strong community and that can also be one way to build trust indicators for your brand. While you are investing in influencer marketing on Instagram to drive awareness about your brand/products and visit your Instagram profile, it would also be a great idea to capture those visitors and leverage this audience for your next product launch or upcoming promotion.

Marketing gurus called it the “Remarketing” audience, you remarket to the people who have interacted with your business before. Interacting doesn’t necessarily mean “purchasing” but it also means those who acknowledge your brand, know who you are or what you sell.

Running influencer marketing alongside the activation of Social Media Ads can be a duo-unbeatable-combo. Because instead of reaching everyone in Indonesia (or one area) with a limited budget, you start by looking at the low-hanging fruit audience, those who have engaged with your Instagram account.

How to capture audience who have interacted with your Instagram

Now we will show you step-by-step on how to capture audiences that have been interacting with your Instagram previously.

1. Make sure you have a Facebook Business Manager account.

Facebook Business Manager Home - Kaliber Asia

2. On the left-hand side of Business Manager Home, head to Audiences.

3. Create Audience > Custom Audiences

4. Choose the source where you’d like to capture your custom audience from, in this case, we are opting for an Instagram account.

Leveraging Instagram Audience - Kaliber Asia

5. On the create an Instagram custom audience section, you will see different options provided by Facebook.

Leveraging Instagram Audience - Kaliber Asia

I’d highly recommend creating separate audiences for all the options instead of pooling or summarising it onto one big “Engaged with Your Professional Account” audience. This will allow us to cater to different messages to these different audiences.

Because we understand that “Anyone who visited your professional account’s profile” might only visit and didn’t take any action, or “People who engaged with any post or ad” might only Like the post or leave a comment but didn’t purchase and so on.

It simply gives us 4 different buttons that we can push with 4 different personalized messages instead of 1 big button and the same message to different interests.

6. After selecting specific criteria for your audience, the next step is to set audience duration. This allows the system to bucket users that have performed that specific action within a time range. From 1 to 365 days. Tips: Make sure you have a clear naming convention of each audience and the duration of those audiences.

leveraging instagram audience - kaliber asia

7. Voila, your audience is ready to be used. The earlier you set it, the better; the audience will take time to populate and it will save time while creating campaigns.

As a summary, influencer marketing is seen as the upper funnel activity in a marketing funnel. The brand awareness that has been driven by Influencers need to be utilized fully by encouraging audiences captured on the upper funnel and getting them to go down the funnel by remaining on top of mind with the help of Paid Ads.

Our experts at Kaliber Asia are ready to help you strategize on how to use audiences differently for any KPI objectives and industry verticals.

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