The Ultimate Survival Kit for the Cookieless Future

The digital marketing world will soon be saying goodbye to third-party cookies.

In late 2022, the digital world will say goodbye to cookies. If you are still a bit confused on what this can mean for your business, you can check out the answers to the most common questions about the cookieless future.

It’s a pretty big deal and marketers and business owners everywhere are panicking. So we put together the ultimate survival kit. It contains the essential tools you will need to ensure that you thrive even in a cookieless future.

The digital marketing world will soon be saying goodbye to third-party cookies. Before that happens, you should be armed with the major knowledge and tools to survive and thrive during the post-cookie world.

1. The Helmet of First-Party Data

The key to surviving the cookieless future is first-party data or the data that your customers share willingly. Using first-party data for targeting is effective because of its laser focus as well as the opportunity to build trust with your customers.

2. Armor of Contextual Targeting

With contextual targeting, advertisers can display relevant ads based on the content people consume rather than personal data or specific audience types. It’s a great strategy for reaching new and existing audiences, so start finding ways to sell, cross-sell, or upsell your audiences based on context.

3. The Sword of Creativity & Innovation

Let your creative juices flow. Think of new ways to remove the stigma around collecting first-party data. Always prioritize providing value to potential customers to influence their mindset. Make your offers, promos, free content, or lead magnets overflow with value.

4. The Shield of Data and Insights

Before third-party cookies completely disappear, make the most out of their existence. Start gathering as much data as you can through AB testing and campaigns, so you already have a benchmark of what works and what doesn’t. Develop your post-Cookie strategy and KPIs based on these.

Check out the infographic below

The Ultimate Survival Kit for the Cookieless Future Infographic

The Kaliber Team is geared up and fully equipped to take on the Cookieless Future. We can help you prepare! Stay tuned for more content on the post-cookie world.

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