Upgrade Your Social Media Game Through Linktree Analytics

Looking through the analytics and understand more how to optimize your content.

Have you seen a social media account that makes you go, “Wow, this account is really good!”?

They have a neat and engaging feed, a good number of followers that also engage with their posts. Once in a blue moon, a user might suddenly go viral and get a huge number of followers, but as quickly as it comes, it will fade too. No powerful social media presence is built overnight, and it isn’t magic, nor can it really be bought with money. It takes long-term planning and consistency, trial and error, to find the right mix of combinations for your audience. But the trial and error process also needs a methodology to be efficient, so you’ll be looking at the analytics for insights.

By looking through the analytics, you’ll learn and understand more about the audience to optimize your content to be more relatable to them. By delivering content that resonates with the audience better, you’ll get better engagement and show up more often to the audience. This is useful for those who do organic posting to grow their social media and those who do paid advertising.

Getting Information from Instagram Insights

First of all, if you want to access Instagram Insights, make sure it’s a business account. There are two ways to approach this. Firstly to switch your existing personal account to a business account without losing any followers. Another alternative is to start a separate Business account. By changing to a Business account and reaching your first 100 followers, you can unlock information on the individual Instagram post and story insights.

Instagram provides three primary information:

  • Your activity
    • Interactions: See how users interact with your content in the past 7 days. It can be profile visits, website visits, phone calls, and email clicks.
    • Discoverability: See your reach and impressions of your content in the past 7 days. How many people see your content (reach) and how many times they’ve seen it (impression).
  • Your content: If the above shows aggregate performance, this is where you see a more granular detail of how your post on feed/story is doing. This is also where you’ll find the performance of your paid ads. Still, if you’re doing paid ads, we’d recommend setting it up via Facebook business manager rather than relying on the limited Instagram UI. The information here can tell you which kind of content works for your audience and is being received well or if the content is delivering the type of action/results you desire.
  • Your audience: access demographic information on your followers such as age, gender, location, and when they’re active. This information can be valuable to understand your followers better or to know if you’re getting the right kind of audience.

Getting Information from Linktree Analytics

Now you know the information you can glean from Instagram Insight alone, how does Linktree add more benefit? On Instagram, you’re only able to provide links to 1 single site. However, what people are looking for may not be uniform. Some may be clicking on the website to find information, some to know more about you, another may be to make some purchases. This is where Linktree helps create a micro landing page where you can help your users redirect themselves to find the information they need. This increases relevancy and gives you more information on what people are looking for.

Now, when users click and land on your Linktree profile, this is another recorded information and provided with Linktree Analytics. Here’s the following information you can find:


The view count shows how much traffic your Linktree profile receives daily, weekly, and even on a total basis when you first started your Linktree journey.

Ideas on reading your views:

  • You’ll be able to see if you’re growing the number of people who view your profile, meaning they’re more interested in your content and are looking for something.
  • You may also be able to see trends if more people are looking for your content on particular days or particular months, where demands/interests fluctuate.
  • You might be switching up your content, trying to change the messaging or the product you’re offering. You’ll see how the switch impacts the views – if the change is actually delivering more people to click on your Linktree profile.

Link Clicks

Once users are in your Linktree profile, they’ll be looking for where to go to find what they need. You’ll be able to find the link clicks that are garnered from each button. This can give you an idea of:

  • What information in high demand. You could look into providing this kind of information or point this out in your content as people are looking for it.
  • How the content your posting are impacting the information that people are looking for in your Linktree profile
  • If people aren’t clicking on a particular button, meaning you might not be providing information they’re looking for at all. Perhaps it’s time to switch it up.

What do you think? Just from these two metrics alone, you can gather a lot of information to guide your decision-making and next steps. Now, if you subscribe to Linktree PRO, you’ll get to access more information on this link click metric, as well as additional metrics. As a free user, the link click data you’re getting is lifetime information, whereas as a PRO user, you’ll get to break down the data into daily, past seven days, and past 28 days.

Let’s take a look at the additional Insights you can access as a Linktree PRO user:

1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR explained simply is just the ratio of the clicks you obtain compared to all the views you get. You can learn more about CTR here in terms of how it’s used in advertising. In this context, the CTR number tells you how many people are clicking on your Linktree Profile buttons divided by the number of times your profile was viewed.

This information gives you additional context to the link click you’re getting. Because now you get to know out of the people who viewed your profile, how many of them really click. A higher CTR is better because this means you’re providing links to what most users are looking for. Sometimes, changing the wording on the buttons can also impact the CTR of the button, so play around!

2. Location & Referrer

This article focuses more on Instagram. However, you can also use Linktree links with your other social media platform (like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Linktree PRO analytics provides you with an overview of which country or city your visitors are from and which social media platform they were on before arriving on your Linktree profile.

You’ll also be able to see which social media platforms are driving more traffic to your Linktree. With this info, you could:

  • Focus on a particular platform that’s performing well
  • Focus on increasing your effort in a particular platform because the other platforms are performing well

You’ll be able to compare your Instagram followers’ analytics and those who went to your Linktree profile. This tells you the regions which are more receptive to your content. If you’d like to go local, or perhaps you see an opportunity to expand your market.

Hopefully, you’ve gained valuable insights into tapping and leveraging more of the available insights to optimize your marketing efforts further. Then you will be able to improve your social media and business. We have more resources for you to read on our Kaliber Blog here.

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