We recently published Ramadan 2021 in eCommerce: Consumer Behaviour, Market Trends & Strategies. It is clear that the onset of COVID-19 health risks and subsequent restrictions have impacted consumer behaviour, markets, and business strategies in various respects around the world. This can be particularly noticed at the time of traditional celebrations, such as the Ramadan period in Indonesia.

Social distancing and lockdown measures have meant that people are not able to follow their usual practices, but digital technologies have enabled alternatives. The global pandemic has made individuals turn to their digital devices, which has, in turn, precipitated a huge increase in online shopping and the use of social media platforms and streaming services. There have been changes in consumer behaviour in terms of the times and frequency of shopping, and despite the rise in online shopping, there is a possible decline in the value of purchases made.

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In the meantime, here’s some of the highlight from the report:

Ramadan-Infographic by Kaliber and Ravenry

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