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Empowering Gen Z To Be Bold with Data-only Plan Facebook Ad Creatives


To promote Circles.Life’s product offering, the 50GB data-only plan, Kaliber launched an innovative campaign centered around empowering Gen Z to be bold. The ad creatives conveyed and reminded that only with Circles.Life will customers be in control of their telco plans and don’t have to deal with unnecessary contracts.

A year after the campaign launched, two ad creatives stood out with a consistent ~50%-70% lower CPA than all other ads combined. And as a result, Kaliber was able to drive incremental orders at scale for the Circles.Life’s new data-only plan.


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Singapore’s telco market is saturated, with many companies offering competitive data plans. Launching a new plan can be quite a feat, especially with Gen Z as the target audience. And why’s that? Because their attention is hard to catch. Not only because they are associated with having shorter attention spans but also because they are constantly barraged with hundreds or so ads daily on several different channels.

To stand out amongst the noise and drive signups, Circles.Life’s new product needs to entice on all fronts. The ads must be strategically designed to reach and relate deeply to Gen Z’s life situation. And that’s why Circles.Life sought Kaliber’s help to launch an innovative campaign for the new plan.


Circles.Life has invested significantly in Facebook creative spends over the last 13 months to introduce and drive sign-ups for the new plan. Continuing Circles.Life’s use of Facebook as their legacy platform, Kaliber was able to help Circles.Life to engage their target audience at scale.

The data-only plan creatives were launched on the 1st to 2nd week of May 2022 and have been live for ~1 year. In their first six months, the ads accounted for up to 50% of all orders on a weekly basis—contributing to a significant volume of orders over the months. The ads consistently register ~50%-70% lower CPA than all other ads combined. With efficient CPA, Kaliber was able to drive incremental orders at scale for the new plan.


Empowering Gen Zers to be bold

Kaliber goes hand-in-hand with Circles.Life in empowering Gen Z with the freedom to be bold with its new product offering. With the new data-only plan, Singapore Gen Zers can explore further, be expressive, and, most importantly, take control of their own telco plans because there are no such things as contracts with Circles.Life. Kaliber translated this value and vibe into our ad creatives and continuously tested and iterated based on performance data to identify winning creatives.


Circles.Life understands its target audience, Gen Z’s desire for power and freedom to choose. To choose to be themselves, to be bold, to pave their own way, and last but not least, to choose telco plans on their terms. And Circles.Life is doing just that, giving power back to their customers, as per their mantra, and finally putting customers in charge of their own telco plans.

Kaliber knew that we needed to be able to translate and reflect that value into the creatives that we produced for Circles.Life. We then incorporated Circles.Life’s mantra and put it at the forefront of our creative process so we can produce creatives that not only are authentic to the brand but also deeply relatable to their target audience.


Despite the vast array of social media channels out there, Facebook remains one of the media channels that remains relevant and popular to Gen Z. According to YPulse, 29% of Gen Zers actively use Facebook Marketplace for secondhand shopping. And as they come to the platform with the intention of browsing or buying something, leveraging strategic paid ads to drive conversion is very ideal.

With quite a high volume of Gen Z using the platform, Circles.Life has been able to effortlessly engage its target audience at scale. This made Facebook the obvious option as a legacy platform for the brand, and Circles.Life has seen many great results over their paid Facebook ads.


As most GenZers would agree, sometimes the vibe is everything. Thus, we leveraged the feel of the vibes that Gen Z likes, combining it with Circles.Life’s color palette and tone of voice. The results are stunning visual creatives that are fun, casual, stylish, and informative.

Not only that, but we also used variations of in-visual copy, headlines, and introductory texts to appeal to Circles.Life’s target audiences’ boldness. The copies conveyed that customers have all the freedom to be whoever they wanted to be with Circles.Life. And it’s all because Circles.Life doesn’t restrict them unnecessarily with contracts but instead gives them the much-needed flexibility that they might lack in the other areas of their life.

The audience deeply resonates with the messaging, and that can be seen in the top-performing ad copies:

  • Free Yourself
  • Break Free
  • No more contracts with Circles.Life
  • Never miss out
  • Your move
  • We're with you all the way, forever

We also collaborated with Circles.Life, in choosing visual representatives for the ads. We want these people within the visual to represent Circles.Life’s users and their aspirations. Thus, we used images of Gen Z-ers that looked dynamic, bold, and fun. We also try to be inclusive in the ads by including Asian, Indian, or Western people, which serves as an accurate representation of Singapore’s diverse and multiethnic society.

Kaliber’s Content Bento team created a huge volume of creatives to promote the data-only plan. Constant iteration and testing were done until it reflected positive performance backed by tangible performance data: low CPA at scale with a high volume of orders.

We continuously created multiple variations of creatives for purposes of testing and experimentation.


To discover a winning creative—one that relates the most to Circles.Life target audience, we continuously tested these aspects:  

  • Taglines
  • Visual Elements
  • In-visual texts
  • Introductory copies or captions
  • Headlines
  • CTA v.s Non-CTA Creatives
  • Product Offering v.s no Product Offering
  • Price mention v.s no price

With the findings gathered from the creatives A/B test, we can pinpoint the pattern that arose, which showed which kind of creatives resonated deeply and were preferred by customers. These data and insights were then incorporated into CoBe’s creative process for the new batch of creatives for the plan.

Once winning creatives were found, we continued to double down on the creatives to drive incremental conversions. These creatives achieved the most consistent performance over a year, driving data-only sign-ups which was a relatively new product offering from Circles.Life.

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